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"Mythical rock goddess and avowed sister of the moon, Stevie Nicks is the legend that just keeps on giving." -T. Cole Rachel for Dossier Issue 8

Dossier + Rotter and Friends presents: The Stevie Nicks Tee! It is an honor to be collaborating with the great and important Dossier Journal on a limited edition tee shirt celebrating their cover star, the living legend: Stevie Nicks. I originally made the water color illustration for the latest Issue 8, (which is out NOW on news stands), and the vibes seemed fitting to take the tribute even further. It was a true pleasure creating this piece, listening to "Sable on Blonde" probably a hundred times, swaying and scribbling Stevie and her iconic style symbols that forever inspire.

The Dossier/Rotter and Friends co-branded shirts are unisex super limited edition.

All Photos taken by David Black. Special thanks to Katherine, Skye, Erin, and Alec @ Dossier.